Does time really heal all wounds?

We all have said time heal all wounds, but I beg the different. I don’t think time heal all wounds. I feel as though once you can face/recognize your pain then you can realize what type of wounds you are dealing with. You can’t allow your wounds to heal by themselves without using some type self medication; love, forgiveness, time-out from the individual that hurt you, talking to someone you can trust, meditating, rethinking how you could have handle the situation, and making sure you are getting better by taking the right meds (advice) from a good support team. If, we depend on time to heal our wounds they will get worse but if we take the proper precautions (meds) our wounds will heal without any infection (animosity). The scars (memories) will still be there but the infection(animosity) will be gone. You will be able to move on with your life, without any animosity in your heart.
True Survivor


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